The last year has provided much time for reflection. We have two choices. We can sit back and do nothing to solve the problems our country has created for itself or we can do the difficult things that need to be done to pull us back from the brink. I want you to join me in a fight to take back Washington and return it to the people. This is not a Republican, Democrat, Conservative or Independent fight. This is an American fight and we better rise up together before it is too late! Elect me to represent you and I will fight for the liberty, freedom and prosperity that brave Americans have fought and died for. All of our futures and the future of those we love depend on us to do this.

Please join me on the steps of Amherst Town Hall located at 5583 Main Street, Williamsville, NY on Friday March 7, 2014 at 10:30 AM for the official announcement of my candidacy.

God Bless

To all of you who have wrote to Marcus please watch this report to see how far this young man and his band of brothers have come along. Prayers work… God Bless…


Dennis Afghanistan 2011
I wanted to let everyone know that our son Dennis deployed to the Middle East on Thursday. I get many e-mails from all of you wondering how the kids are doing. He will be gone from 7-8 months. Prayers from all would be appreciated. Hope you are all doing great and making preparations for what is ahead of us. Stay calm, prepare and pray on!
All should note that a woman was leaving a shopping mall in an Albany suburb this week with her ten year old daughter after her little girl’s gymnastics class. It was 9:00pm. They were abducted by a man who had cut his monitoring device off his ankle. He bound them both, stabbed the mother to death and raped the ten year old girl who was able to get away and run down a street where she was picked up by a passerby. Women get your pistol permit so you can protect you and your children. This mother would be alive today or at least would have had a fighting chance if she had been carrying a firearm.

My Final Show…

Thank You All For Blessing My Life…

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Deep in the recesses of the National Archives in Washington , D.C. ,
hidden for nearly four decades lie thousands of pages of yellowing and
dusty documents stamped “Top Secret”. These documents,now
declassified, are the plans for Operation Downfall, the invasion of Japan during World War II…

Please take a moment to listen to my closing segment about a janitor’s 12 lessons in leadership…

God Bless

Bill Crawford The Fighter Army WWII

When they saw each other they first smiled, then grabbed and held each other in a tight hug. One was a wounded Marine without legs sitting in a wheelchair, while the other was the Navy Corpsman who saved the Marine’s life after he stepped on an IED some 18 months ago on a hilltop in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Celebrate America on board the USS Little Rock!

Come and meet Russell aboard the USS Little Rock located at the Buffalo Naval Park on Thursday, September 20, 2012, 05:30pm – 08:00pm at the event to sponsor Mike Madigan for Congress!!!

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I Went Skydiving…

In the courageous heart of the battlefield is love, duty and honor for fallen brothers…
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1 Petty Officer 3rd Class Benjamin Johnson Buffalo, NY 11/18/2001 A
2 Sgt 1st Class Peter Tycz II Tonowanda, NY 6/12/2002 A
3 LCPL Eric Orlowski Buffalo, NY 3/22/2003 I
4 LCPL Tamario Burkett Buffalo, NY 3/23/2003 I
5 Chief Warr Ofc Eric Smith Rochester, NY 4/2/2003 I
6 Pvt Davis Evans Buffalo, NY 5/25/2003 I
7 Sgt Heath McMillin Canandaigua, NY 7/27/2003 I
8 Spc Michael Williams Buffalo, NY 10/17/2003 I
9 PFC Charles Bush Buffalo, NY 12/19/2003 I
10 Ataff Sgt Shawn Clemens Allegany, NY 1/29/2004 A
11 Sgt David McKeever Buffalo, NY 4/5/2004 I
12 Cpl Jason Dunham Scio, NY 4/14/2004 I
13 Sgt Phillip Witkowski Fredonia, NY 5/1/2004 A
14 Spc Michael Weger Rochester, NY 10/12/2004 I
15 LCPL Brian Schramm Rochester, NY 10/15/2004 I
16 Spc Brian Baker Springville, NY 11/7/2004 I
17 Sgt James Matteson Celeron, NY 11/12/2004 I
18 Sgt David Roustum West Seneca, NY 11/20/2004 I
19 Sgt Cari Gasiewicz Depew, NY 12/4/2004 I
20 SPC Jeff LeBrun Buffalo, NY 1/1/2005 I
21 Spc Matthew Koch West Henrietta, NY 3/9/2005 I
22 Staff Sgt Christopher Dill Tonowanda, NY 4/4/2005 I
23 CPL Jacob Pfister Buffalo, NY 4/19/2005 I
24 PFC Charles Cooper Jamestown. NY 4/29/2005 I
25 Lt Col Terrance Crowe Grand Island, NY 6/7/2005 I
26 Staff Sgt Aram Bass Niagara Falls, NY 11/23/2005 I
27 PFC Jason Hasenauer Hilton, NY 12/28/2005 A
28 PFC Benjamin Schuster Williamsville, NY 2/25/2006 I
29 Staff Sgt Christopher Howick Hamberg, NY 5/5/2006 A
30 LCPL Howard March Buffalo, NY 9/24/2006 I
31 1st Lt James Lyons Rochester, NY 9/27/2006 I
32 PFC Travis Krege Cheektowaga, NY 12/6/2006 I
33 Sgt Jason Denfrund Cattaraugus, NY 12/25/2006 I
34 CPL Lorne Henry Niagara Falls, NY 2/27/2007 I
35 Staff Sgt Steve Butcher Penfield, NY 5/23/2007 I
36 Cpl Reynold Armand Rochester, NY 8/7/2007 I
37 PFC Dwane Covert Tonowanda, NY 11/3/2007 I
38 Sgt Daniel Shaw West Seneca, NY 11/5/2007 I
39 Sgt Steven Ganczewski Niagara Falls, NY 11/16/2007 I
40 Cpl Kevin Mowl Pittsford, NY 2/25/2008 I
41 Capt Phillip Dykeman Brockport, NY 6/26/2008 I
42 PFC Patrick May Jamestown. NY 9/2/2008 I
43 Sgt Daniel Beard Buffalo, NY 4/3/2009 I
44 Gnny Sgt Aaron Kenefick Clarence, NY 9/8/2009 A
45 Staff Sgt Nekl Bruce Allen Rochester, NY 9/12/2009 A
46 PFC Daniel Rivera Rochester, NY 10/18/2009 I
47 Spc Jason Johnston Albion, NY 12/26/2009 A
48 LCPL Zachary Smith Hornell, NY 1/24/2010 A
49 Aspc Alan Dikcis Niagara Falls, NY 3/5/2010 A
50 Sgt Frank World Buffalo, NY 4/1/2010 A
51 LCPL Michael Plank Cameron Mills NY 6/9/2010 A
52 LCPL Timothy Serwinowski North Tonowanda, NY 6/21/2010 A
53 Spc Timothy Johnson Randolph, NY 9/16/2010 A
54 Spc Blake Whipple Williamsville, NY 11/5/2010 A
55 Staff Sgt Javier Rivera Rochester, NY 11/16/2010 A
56 LCPL Aaron Swanson Jamestown. NY 2/7/2011 A
57 Staff Sgt Michael Lammerts Tonowanda, NY 4/4/2011 A
58 Cpl Kevin White Westfield, NY 5/2/2011 A
59 Sgt Devon Snyder Cohocton, NY 6/4/2011 A
60 Sgt Mark Bradley Cuba, NY 6/16/2011 A
61 Cmdr James Crawford East Concord, NY 9/7/2011 I
62 Staff Sgt William Wilson III Getzville, NY 3/26/2012 A
63 Lt Christopher Mosko Pittsford, NY 4/26/2012 A
64 Capt Bruce Clark Spencerport, NY 5/1/2012 A

A Military Merry Christmas

General Kelly Speech

The speech by General John Kelly USMC to the Semper Fi Society 4 days after his own son 1st Lieutenant Robert M. Kelly USMC was killed in action on deployment in Afghanistan. In this speech he explains the extraordinary valor of Lance Corporal Jordan Haerter USMC and Corporal Jonathan Yale USMC…
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NORTHFIELD — When Tropical Storm Irene blasted into Vermont on Sunday, Norwich University cadets in the Mountain and Cold Weather Rescue Company were on the scene assisting with evacuations, rescues and crowd control.

It was a long awaited and emotional reunion on 13 Aug 2011 at 2300 when the approximately 150 Marines marched into 2nd Rad Bn headquarters at Camp Lejeune to be dismissed at the end of their 7 month deployment to Afghanistan… Semper Fi…

I would like to thank Matt Modleski for taking the time to come in studio and discuss his insightful book. For more information on Matt and how you can access his book please click on the link to go to his “The American Dream” website…

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June 11, 2011 Show

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A tribute to Jace and his family… His journey from being injured on the battlefield, to his long battle to save his right leg and fight his way back to standing on his own two feet at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, to his relationship with “Sensei” Bob “the vet” Kunkel who helped rebuild his psyche, overcome his “disability” and recreate a great American Warrior who is today June 4, 2011 on patrol in the Middle East fighting once again on the battlefield to protect our freedoms. May God watch over you Jace and may he safely guide you home to your family after your deployment. What a privelege to know such great American Patriots….

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Click to listen to my closing segment for Memorial Day 2011… “Burial at Sea” and “letter from Marine Corps Combat Veteran Patrick Welch”

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there who have and continue to raise America’s future. Say a special prayer for those Gold Star Mom’s. Please keep our kids in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to do what our country asks of them.

Semper Fi and God Bless…


Click to listen to the Closing Segment Tribute to Cpl. Lucas T. Pyeatt USMC of 2nd Radio Battalion, Camp Lejeune, NC:

Click and listen to letter from the mother of LCPL Christopher Robinson:

We will always be thankful for your dedicated service, honor and commitment to your country as a Marine and for your legacy as a great American son… Semper Fi…

Click and listen to the opening segment about our visit to Camp Lejeune for the deployment of LCPL Dennis Weppner and the rest of USMC 2nd Radio Battalion:

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Remember to thank a Veteran and keep all Veterans and their families in your thoughts and prayers this Veterans Day…
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Corporal Jason L. Dunham, USMC

Birth: Nov. 10, 1981
Wellsville (Allegany County)
Allegany County
New York, USA

Death: Apr. 22, 2004
Montgomery County
Maryland, USA

Iraq War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient. He served in the United States Marine Corps as a Corporal in K Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines. President Bush announced on November 10, 2006, the 231st anniversary of the U.S. Marine Corps, that Dunham would be awarded the Medal of Honor. He is the first Marine since the Vietnam War and the second United States serviceman to receive the Medal of Honor. His citation reads: “On a dusty road in western Iraq, Corporal Dunham gave his own life so that the men under his command might live,” and was presented posthumously to his family by President George W. Bush on January 11, 2007. On April 14, 2004, Corporal Dunham was manning a checkpoint in Karabilah, Iraq, when an insurgent leapt from his car and began choking him. A scuffle ensued as two Marines approached to help. Reportedly, the last words from Corporal Dunham were, “No, No. Watch his hand.” Suddenly, the insurgent dropped a grenade. Corporal Dunham took off his Kevlar helmet, dropped to the ground, and covered the explosive as best he could. The blast seriously wounded all 3 Marines. Eight days later, Corporal Jason L. Dunham, age 22, died at Bethesda Naval Hospital from the wounds he received.

Closing Segment: Click to listen about the Norwich University 9-11 Rememberance Ceremony attended by my cadet daughter Meaghan…

My closing segment to Sean as he embarks on his career in Baltimore, MD…

Closing segment from March 27, 2010 show:

February 20, 2010 Show

Listen To My Closing Segment About True Americas Heroes:CAPT Brian Chontash
and a letter sent to me entitled “My Brother Larry”

Meaghan giving us a Norwich tour before the rook ceremony
Meaghan rook week pictures 8  2009 001

Meaghan and some of her new rook mates
Meaghan rook week pictures 8  2009 014

A final look after we said our final goodbye
Meaghan rook week pictures 8  2009 075

A sea of over 500 new cadets assembled after the final family goodbye
Meaghan rook week pictures 8  2009 080

Meaghan with a beaming smile amongst her fellow 3rd Company 1st Platoon cadets
Meaghan rook week pictures 8  2009 102


My closing segment dedicated to my daughter Meaghan as she embarks on her college journey as a cadet at Norwich University- Military College

meaghan confirmation and graduation pictures 188

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Click to listen to my experience at Parris Island in the USMC Community Influencer Program and find out a mother’s perspective of Marine Corps Boot Camp…

Congratulations to our son Pfc Dennis Weppner II on his completion of 13 weeks of Marine Corps Boot Camp!!! Semper Fi

93 rotated

dennis family day usmc 124

We had the opportunity to meet Admiral Gary Roughhead Chief Naval Officer of the United States Navy at the Change of Command Ceremony onboard the USS Harry S Truman (CVN 75) nuclear powered aircraft carrier at Norfolk Naval Base in Norfolk, Va. on 24 July 2009.


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