The last year has provided much time for reflection. We have two choices. We can sit back and do nothing to solve the problems our country has created for itself or we can do the difficult things that need to be done to pull us back from the brink. I want you to join me in a fight to take back Washington and return it to the people. This is not a Republican, Democrat, Conservative or Independent fight. This is an American fight and we better rise up together before it is too late! Elect me to represent you and I will fight for the liberty, freedom and prosperity that brave Americans have fought and died for. All of our futures and the future of those we love depend on us to do this.

Please join me on the steps of Amherst Town Hall located at 5583 Main Street, Williamsville, NY on Friday March 7, 2014 at 10:30 AM for the official announcement of my candidacy.

God Bless

To all of you who have wrote to Marcus please watch this report to see how far this young man and his band of brothers have come along. Prayers work… God Bless…


Dennis Afghanistan 2011
I wanted to let everyone know that our son Dennis deployed to the Middle East on Thursday. I get many e-mails from all of you wondering how the kids are doing. He will be gone from 7-8 months. Prayers from all would be appreciated. Hope you are all doing great and making preparations for what is ahead of us. Stay calm, prepare and pray on!
All should note that a woman was leaving a shopping mall in an Albany suburb this week with her ten year old daughter after her little girl’s gymnastics class. It was 9:00pm. They were abducted by a man who had cut his monitoring device off his ankle. He bound them both, stabbed the mother to death and raped the ten year old girl who was able to get away and run down a street where she was picked up by a passerby. Women get your pistol permit so you can protect you and your children. This mother would be alive today or at least would have had a fighting chance if she had been carrying a firearm.

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Thank You All For Blessing My Life…

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Deep in the recesses of the National Archives in Washington , D.C. ,
hidden for nearly four decades lie thousands of pages of yellowing and
dusty documents stamped “Top Secret”. These documents,now
declassified, are the plans for Operation Downfall, the invasion of Japan during World War II…