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Bill Crawford The Fighter Army WWII


When they saw each other they first smiled, then grabbed and held each other in a tight hug. One was a wounded Marine without legs sitting in a wheelchair, while the other was the Navy Corpsman who saved the Marine’s life after he stepped on an IED some 18 months ago on a hilltop in the mountains of Afghanistan.

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I Went Skydiving…

In the courageous heart of the battlefield is love, duty and honor for fallen brothers…
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1 Petty Officer 3rd Class Benjamin Johnson Buffalo, NY 11/18/2001 A
2 Sgt 1st Class Peter Tycz II Tonowanda, NY 6/12/2002 A
3 LCPL Eric Orlowski Buffalo, NY 3/22/2003 I
4 LCPL Tamario Burkett Buffalo, NY 3/23/2003 I
5 Chief Warr Ofc Eric Smith Rochester, NY 4/2/2003 I
6 Pvt Davis Evans Buffalo, NY 5/25/2003 I
7 Sgt Heath McMillin Canandaigua, NY 7/27/2003 I
8 Spc Michael Williams Buffalo, NY 10/17/2003 I
9 PFC Charles Bush Buffalo, NY 12/19/2003 I
10 Ataff Sgt Shawn Clemens Allegany, NY 1/29/2004 A
11 Sgt David McKeever Buffalo, NY 4/5/2004 I
12 Cpl Jason Dunham Scio, NY 4/14/2004 I
13 Sgt Phillip Witkowski Fredonia, NY 5/1/2004 A
14 Spc Michael Weger Rochester, NY 10/12/2004 I
15 LCPL Brian Schramm Rochester, NY 10/15/2004 I
16 Spc Brian Baker Springville, NY 11/7/2004 I
17 Sgt James Matteson Celeron, NY 11/12/2004 I
18 Sgt David Roustum West Seneca, NY 11/20/2004 I
19 Sgt Cari Gasiewicz Depew, NY 12/4/2004 I
20 SPC Jeff LeBrun Buffalo, NY 1/1/2005 I
21 Spc Matthew Koch West Henrietta, NY 3/9/2005 I
22 Staff Sgt Christopher Dill Tonowanda, NY 4/4/2005 I
23 CPL Jacob Pfister Buffalo, NY 4/19/2005 I
24 PFC Charles Cooper Jamestown. NY 4/29/2005 I
25 Lt Col Terrance Crowe Grand Island, NY 6/7/2005 I
26 Staff Sgt Aram Bass Niagara Falls, NY 11/23/2005 I
27 PFC Jason Hasenauer Hilton, NY 12/28/2005 A
28 PFC Benjamin Schuster Williamsville, NY 2/25/2006 I
29 Staff Sgt Christopher Howick Hamberg, NY 5/5/2006 A
30 LCPL Howard March Buffalo, NY 9/24/2006 I
31 1st Lt James Lyons Rochester, NY 9/27/2006 I
32 PFC Travis Krege Cheektowaga, NY 12/6/2006 I
33 Sgt Jason Denfrund Cattaraugus, NY 12/25/2006 I
34 CPL Lorne Henry Niagara Falls, NY 2/27/2007 I
35 Staff Sgt Steve Butcher Penfield, NY 5/23/2007 I
36 Cpl Reynold Armand Rochester, NY 8/7/2007 I
37 PFC Dwane Covert Tonowanda, NY 11/3/2007 I
38 Sgt Daniel Shaw West Seneca, NY 11/5/2007 I
39 Sgt Steven Ganczewski Niagara Falls, NY 11/16/2007 I
40 Cpl Kevin Mowl Pittsford, NY 2/25/2008 I
41 Capt Phillip Dykeman Brockport, NY 6/26/2008 I
42 PFC Patrick May Jamestown. NY 9/2/2008 I
43 Sgt Daniel Beard Buffalo, NY 4/3/2009 I
44 Gnny Sgt Aaron Kenefick Clarence, NY 9/8/2009 A
45 Staff Sgt Nekl Bruce Allen Rochester, NY 9/12/2009 A
46 PFC Daniel Rivera Rochester, NY 10/18/2009 I
47 Spc Jason Johnston Albion, NY 12/26/2009 A
48 LCPL Zachary Smith Hornell, NY 1/24/2010 A
49 Aspc Alan Dikcis Niagara Falls, NY 3/5/2010 A
50 Sgt Frank World Buffalo, NY 4/1/2010 A
51 LCPL Michael Plank Cameron Mills NY 6/9/2010 A
52 LCPL Timothy Serwinowski North Tonowanda, NY 6/21/2010 A
53 Spc Timothy Johnson Randolph, NY 9/16/2010 A
54 Spc Blake Whipple Williamsville, NY 11/5/2010 A
55 Staff Sgt Javier Rivera Rochester, NY 11/16/2010 A
56 LCPL Aaron Swanson Jamestown. NY 2/7/2011 A
57 Staff Sgt Michael Lammerts Tonowanda, NY 4/4/2011 A
58 Cpl Kevin White Westfield, NY 5/2/2011 A
59 Sgt Devon Snyder Cohocton, NY 6/4/2011 A
60 Sgt Mark Bradley Cuba, NY 6/16/2011 A
61 Cmdr James Crawford East Concord, NY 9/7/2011 I
62 Staff Sgt William Wilson III Getzville, NY 3/26/2012 A
63 Lt Christopher Mosko Pittsford, NY 4/26/2012 A
64 Capt Bruce Clark Spencerport, NY 5/1/2012 A